River Strategy 2020 launched for consultation

The draft new River Strategy 2020-30 is being launched at the Annual Meeting this evening. Town Hall 7.30pm

We’re going to consult with all key partners before presenting a final version to Frome Town Council. We welcome comments from anyone with an interest in the river. Click on the picture to download a copy.

A new strategy, a new bridge?

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Monday 17 February at 19:30 at Frome Town Hall.

There’ll be lots to interest anyone concerned with the Somerset River Frome. We’ll be launching our new River Strategy as well as presenting a feasibility study into a possible new pedestrian bridge at Adderwell.

One of a number of options we’ll be presenting. This one would link St Edmunds Park to the station.

New River Strategy coming

Developments like Saxonvale and Selwood Garden village could have a major impact on the river.

A sub-group of The Friends of River Frome has been working on a revision of the River Strategy published in 2012. It will be circulated for comment amongst members and partners in January 2020 and published soon thereafter. Alongside a range of proposals for protecting and improving the river environment and better public access to the river, It will take account of the potential impact on the river of the major housing developments planned for Frome (Saxonvale, Caxton Road and, possibly, Selwood Garden Village). More details soon

New pedestrian bridge at Adderwell?

A new path to the station from Southfields Farm?

Friends of River Frome has commissioned a feasibility study into constructing a new pedestrian bridge at Adderwell, potentially providing a new footpath from the housing development at Southfield Farm into the town. One possibility is to provide access from the bridge direct to Frome Station

River Cleaning

Five hardy volunteers spent a productive if rather damp morning recently removing large items from the river. Their haul included five shopping trolleys, six bicycles, a large radiator, a kitchen bench and a lot of odd bits of metal and wood which clearly don’t belong in the river. Oh, and a six piece dinner service….