About Us

Friends of the River Frome is a community group and registered charity that works to improve, protect and celebrate the Somerset river Frome. To help our river we do all sorts – from litter picks, water sampling and campaigning, to organising festivals and events and working with schools.

We fight for the river

For lots of reasons rivers in the UK are in a seriously sorry state, and the river Frome is no exception. That’s why we, along with other local organisations, are working through a comprehensive ten year strategy to help the river recover and thrive. We’ve got projects big and small on the go, and we’d love you to be involved. You can support our work by becoming a friend of the river for just £15 a year (and if you fancy jumping in a pair of waders and helping us in more practical ways, we’d love that too!)

The river Frome is a lifeline for people and nature alike. It’s a place to find calm after a hard day, a home for fish, birds, otters and other wildlife, a vital resource, and part of a bigger environmental picture. We must fight to protect, improve and celebrate it.

A photo of people gathered around two stalls in a meadow with information display boards.
Our stand at the Rodden Meadown picnic, Summer 2021