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Join as friend

To become a friend of the river Frome costs just £15 a year – and you can join as an individual or as a household, it costs the same. This money is so important, it all goes towards vital projects that protect, improve and celebrate the river.

It could help us… 

  • Fight developments that destroy habitats
  • Check pollution levels
  • Track invasive species
  • Help school kids learn about their river

Find out more about our projects


Friends of the River Frome wouldn’t exist without volunteers, all of us, including the committee, are volunteers. So if you’d like to volunteer with us, you’d be very welcome! We regularly run river clean ups and sampling projects where volunteers are vital, but we’d also love to hear from you if you have other ideas about protecting and improving the river.

To hear about upcoming volunteer days, join our Facebook group or keep an eye on here. Or if you’ve got a specific idea for a project, email Simon who looks after membership and volunteers.

A photo of people with lots of metal debris.
A very successful clean up at Adderwell!
A photo of three men pulling debris from a river
Battling that river menace: the shopping trolley.