Enjoy the river

The many ways nature can help our physical and mental health are being increasingly recognised – walking along the river on a beautiful day (or even a rainy one!) can boost your mood and your muscles, and you could even spot an otter or beaver. We’re all for people enjoying our river, as long as they respect it.

Views along the water



The river is home to all sorts of critters, including beavers (find out more about our local ones) and otters. We’re currently working on resources to help more people learn about their local wildlife, and how to look after it – so check back soon.



Walking along the river is a great way to get to know it. Check back soon for resources and maps to help you get out and explore the river on foot.

Water sports

Frome does have a canoe club, complete with slalom in the town centre. Check out their website to find out how to get involved.

Remember: always be respectful of wildlife and the environment.

It’s also worth remembering before taking part in any watery activities, that sadly, like most rivers in the UK, sewage frequently flows into the Frome and the water quality is poor. You can see the amount of hours sewage has flowed into the Frome by used the Is My River Fit to Play In? tool from the Rivers Trust.