Our work

Since 1997 we’ve been helping improve and protect the river Frome. From testing chemical levels in the water, to assessing wildlife, to clearing rubbish, to helping kids get to know their local ecosystems, to monitoring building developments – we’re always busy along the water.

At the moment we’re working through our ten year strategy. It details all our aims and plans for the river for 2020 – 2030 and it’s been adopted as policy by Frome Town Council.

Our ten year plan for the river

Over the next decade we have 31 projects planned! Rewilding, invasive species control, creating a linked river footpath, improving signage along the river – we’ve got all sorts planned!

Our projects are organised around five key aims:

1.   To maintain and improve the ecological quality of the River, its green corridor and tributaries.

2.   To promote landscape improvements which enhance the urban River environment.

3.  To prevent and remediate adverse human impacts on the River and its catchment.

4.  To promote public enjoyment and health benefits by enabling environmentally sensitive access.

5.  To nurture interest in and knowledge of the River and ensure its condition is monitored.

Read about the development of the strategy

The previous strategy was incorporated into the Council’s 2016 Neighbourhood Plan for Frome.