Join us for a special screening of Rivercide

We’re delighted to say we’ve teamed up with Frome Town Council to put on a special screening of Rivercide, a ground-breaking investigative documentary exploring the shocking state of UK rivers.

Presented by George Monbiot and featuring music by Charlotte Church, it asks tough questions about how once pristine river systems have been turned into sewers, and considers how we revive our poor waterways.

A graphic of the word Rivercide

The screening will be followed by a (virtual) appearance from Franny Armstrong, director of the film, and a panel discussion featuring guests from Wessex Water, Bristol Avon Rivers Trust, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West and representatives from the local farming and fishing communities.

A photo of a river full of murky sewage.
Come along to find out how our rivers ended up like this

Following the recent national outrage over sewage pouring into our rivers, and the back and forth over the Environmental Bill, this film screening couldn’t be more timely. We hope you’ll join us.

7pm, Friday 19th November 2021, Frome Town Hall

Tickets are free