Wallbridge Adderwell once again under threat

The new landowner of the riverside meadows between Wallbridge and Adderwell has blocked access to the much-loved walk and caused considerable damage by leveling the water-meadow with a bulldozer.

When heavy equipment crosses the soft soil of the river bank.

FoRF is part of a new group Save Wallbridge Adderwell Path (SWAP) which aims to ensure access to the footpath is retained. SWAP is supported by over 1500 individuals who have signed a petition and many local organisations, including CPRE and Frome Town Council.

If you’ve walked this path the past, especially in the 1990’s, we’d like to hear from you. Completing an Evidence Form would be most helpful

New Frome River Strategy published

Our new vision:

“As Frome grows, its River should be conserved as a clean, healthy, nature-rich, free-
flowing river system which provides a natural habitat for a diversity of life and an
accessible green corridor which connects people to nature.”

Our Aims

  1. To maintain and improve the ecological quality of the River, its green corridor and
  2. To promote landscape improvements which enhance the urban River environment.
  3. To prevent and remediate adverse human impacts on the River and its catchment.
  4. To promote public enjoyment and health benefits by enabling environmentally
    sensitive access.
  5. To nurture interest in and knowledge of the River and ensure its condition is

Thank you to everyone who made comments on the draft. Sue Everett and I have now revised the document and the final version will be presented to Frome Town Council on Wednesday 20 May for endorsement and incorporation into their plans.

The FoRF Committee will be now looking at how to take forward each of the five strands and looking for volunteers to help in each category.

A new strategy, a new bridge?

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Monday 17 February at 19:30 at Frome Town Hall.

There’ll be lots to interest anyone concerned with the Somerset River Frome. We’ll be launching our new River Strategy as well as presenting a feasibility study into a possible new pedestrian bridge at Adderwell.

One of a number of options we’ll be presenting. This one would link St Edmunds Park to the station.

New River Strategy coming

Developments like Saxonvale and Selwood Garden village could have a major impact on the river.

A sub-group of The Friends of River Frome has been working on a revision of the River Strategy published in 2012. It will be circulated for comment amongst members and partners in January 2020 and published soon thereafter. Alongside a range of proposals for protecting and improving the river environment and better public access to the river, It will take account of the potential impact on the river of the major housing developments planned for Frome (Saxonvale, Caxton Road and, possibly, Selwood Garden Village). More details soon